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Welcome to Integrity Defense:

The Mission of Integrity Defense is to build strong communities by teaching citizens public safety and Military personnel in the newest strategies that keep them safe. We provide an atmosphere that is both safe and family oriented. We believe that everyone should be empowered with the knowledge and self confidence necessary to defend themselves and their communities as one.

The class will be held on May 23rd, 2015 in Raymore, MO. We will have a classroom portion and then head out to the range for the range portion. We will be supplying Colt .22lr AR15-22 rifles for the course.  Remember that this is a tactics course, we will only be using our rifles on this tier 1 course. 

This is an 8 hours course and will only be scheduling 8 people for the course so SIGN UP ASAP!

MISSOURI and KANSAS Carry Concealed Weapon Training:

The course is $60.00 per person OR PREPAY AT $50.00 PER PERSON AND SAVE $10.00!!, We supply the Guns, ammunition, eye and ear protection at no additional cost. 

This course is held in Raymore, MO., but can be held at any location that provides a classroom and a range for shooting. Class usually starts at 8AM and should be done by or before 5PM with several breaks and a lunch break during class. 

We do Gun Transfers!!

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Let us  handle the Gun Transfer for you!

We Charge $15.00 for all gun transfers to better serve you.

Springfield XD .45acp
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Buy the gift that keeps on giving with Integrity Defense. The gift certificate covers a Concealed Carry course of any date your friends or family chooses! 

For a limited time, this gift certificate is only $50.00 and has everything you need for the class supplied at no additional cost. 

Just choose who this is for and click "buy now", and a gift certificate will be sent to you in less the 24 hours!