"Preparing you for the unexpected"

Welcome to:
Integrity Defense

The Mission of Integrity Defense is to build strong communities by teaching citizens public safety and Military personnel in the newest strategies that keep them safe. We provide an atmosphere that is both safe and family oriented. We believe that everyone should be empowered with the knowledge and self confidence necessary to defend themselves and their communities as one.


Integrity Defense believes in our dedication to the people that we serve and accomplishing it with the highest form of excellence and moral caliber.

All of the instructors at I.D are either current police officers, prior military, and nurses with a combined experience of 30+ years. We will train you how to defend yourself and your family when the time comes. We offer Concealed Carry classes, Tactical Classes, Women's Self Defense Classes, and safety classes. Our goal is to make sure that everyone knows what and who is out there and how to defend themselves when and if the time comes.

"Preparing you for the unexpected"